CFO Services

"Trusted business partner to board for key financial decisions"

Our CFO team is ready to help you on strategy development, controls, operational management & innovations.

  • Profitability management & cost control
  • Optimizing working capital
  • Building team for Finance & Accounts
  • Designing Financial Analytics
  • Software / technology application
  • Financial processes and methodologies
  • Enhancing controls across processes
  • Setting up KRA/KPI of Finance Team
  • Key commercial contracts & decisions
  • Raising fund through debt / equity
  • Implementing Budgeting control system
  • Management accounting and reporting
  • Investment and business planning
  • Accounting standards - reporting system
  • Compliance to Indian tax laws
  • Shared service centers
  • Fast close periodic financial reports
  • Participating in key policies development
  • Support on auditing requirements
  • Financial due diligence on key decisions

Customization & Prioritization can be developed as per the business requirements.

Why Strateworks

  • Practical & implementation approach
  • Proven track record of quality
  • Multiplied value addition


  • Experienced team of CFOs can achieve much more than a Lone CFO.
  • Collective & diverse experience of large CFO team leads to best used practical solutions & cross pollination of best practices in the Industry.
  • Cost of a shared CFO team is significantly lower than a single full time CFO.
  • Shared CFO team can be hired for specific duration & time on plug and play model.
  • Assures continuity saving replacement cost & time. In case of in-house CFO, Retention can be a major challenge.
  • Get connected to most relevant consultant, banker, investor for your other work through our vast network.
  • A shared CFO team being external is free of most biases which arises from internal team dynamics.

Engagement Model

  • Task based CFO model
  • Deputy CFO on full time + CFO model
  • Onsite & Offsite deputation of team consisting of Chartered Accountants / Cost Accountants / MBAs - Freshers & Experienced team members combination to optimize the fees & performance.

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