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"Our Analysis… Your Scalability & Growth"

Why Accelerator program – Few thoughts For every startup & SMBs, there comes a point where scalability becomes most important business challenge to resolve..

Year old businesses also stops achieving growth and losses its scalability due to bottlenecks or other external conducive factors which remain unidentified in regular business operations.

The goal is to understand the business needs, bottlenecks, key risks and formulate key strategies to achieve business scalability and growth. After all growth is life...

Accelerator program is a unique program to address the needs of growing organization with quick results. Gives an accelerated kick to your growth

  • Identifies bottlenecks and key risks
  • Sets up scalability matrix for each business function
  • On floor implementation of key strategies
  • Enables automation in the systems
  • Opportunity on joint venture/ outsourcing
  • Takes organization a to next level
  • Achieving multiplied growths

Why Strateworks

  • Practical & implementation approach
  • Proven track record of quality
  • Multiplied value addition


  • Understanding the business needs by ground level interaction
  • Ability to conduct the business studies of any type of industry
  • Integrating the scalability matrix with ERP
  • Suggesting strategies which will resolve the issue from grass root level
  • Concluding the assignment in just 100 days

How we do

    Phase 1

  • Level 1 interaction with the Departmental heads for overview of business processes
  • Level 2 interaction with the team for in-depth understanding of the processes
  • Understand the bottlenecks and key risk factors affecting growth
  • Set out the scalability matrix for each business function along with our recommendations and action plan
  • Sign off the matrix from each departmental head and management

    Phase 2

  • Implementation of the scalability Matrix
  • Onsite deputation of experienced team for 100 days for phase 1 and next 100 days for phase 2

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