SOP Services

"Adapting to Process Driven Organization"

Why Processes - Few Thoughts

  • Promoters free for strategic decisions.
  • Process driven culture from person driven culture is more sustainable.
  • Aligning operations with company's vision, goals & strategies.
  • Increases efficiency & productivity.
  • Strengthens controls in all aspects.
  • Supports scalability.

Our team is ready to help you on managing business processes.

  • SOP Design & Implementation
  • SOP Review, Upgradation & Compliances
  • Automation in Business Process (BPR)
  • SOP Integration with ERP

All functions of organisation are covered. Customization & Prioritization can be developed as per the business requirements

Technical Skills & infrastructure shall be provided by the organisation.

Time Cycle

  • Turnkey project takes up to 2 years.
  • Project can be designed with phases to cover high impact selective processes in the first phase, balance in the subsequent phases.

Why Strateworks

  • Practical & implementation approach
  • Proven track record of quality
  • Multiplied value addition


  • Complete Business Process Management Capabilities.
  • Collective & diverse experience of business team to apply best used practical solutions & cross pollination of best practices in the Industry.
  • Integration with ERP System of the organisation.
  • Integration with Performance Management System of the organisation.
  • Post go live support as per the business requirements.
  • Technology blended as per the business requirements.
  • Leadership skills for successful change management

How we do

  • Develop onsite assessment plan
  • Gathering information through brain storming with management and understand existing challenges
  • Identify the gaps in existing practices
  • Develop change management plan
  • Develop change management plan
  • Final implementation plan with top management
  • Execution & draft SOPs
  • Trainings & implementation
  • Post go live support for next 3 months

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