Capital Structure Designed & Fund raised at the best terms & Crucial project Support Extended

A new company started to produce & sell coated fabric. We signed a mandate with them to provide task based CFO services.

  • We formalized memorandum of understanding for 20 partners consisting of 7 working & 13 silent partners. It provided much needed clarity to manage both day to day operations & strategic decisions effectively
  • We did a structuring of the capital requirements considering the business needs & regulatory framework. We raised debt from the bank at a very reasonable rate of interest in a very tough time saving a crore p.a. to the company.
  • We helped them with negotiation support on procuring machines from china. Our strategies helped them to save Rs.40 Lacs on the already negotiated contracts.
  • We helped them with the hedging strategy for the import payments.
  • We supported them to design the project road map for control over targeted cost & timeline with clear division of responsibilities.
  • We developed a standard cost for each of the product to control the margins.

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